I was recently contacted by a frequent visitor to our site informing us that they just went hunting for the first time. It got us thinking about our first hunts and how it can save a ton of time having a checklist to make sure you have all the hunting gear that you need before you head out. It is never a fun experience driving for hours to the middle of a field, only to discover that you forgot your safety harness for the tree stand, or another crucial piece of equipment.

So, in remembrance of our first hunts, and for assisting those who are about to go on their first, we compiled this list of hunting gear.


  • Identification and Documentation
  • Passport (if hunting in another country)
  • Drivers License
  • Firearms Declaration (if hunting in another country) or Gun License
  • Hunting Licenses and Animal Tags (if required in your area)


  • Compass or GPS device
  • Reflective Thumb Tacks or Trail Ribbon
  • Topo / Aerial Map

Scents / Calls

  • Calls for whatever game / season you are hunting
  • Scent free clothing and hunting equipment spray
  • Bug Spray (unscented or dirt scent)
  • Scent wicks or spray scents / attractants


  • Boots (depending on the terrain and weather you are hunting in, you may need rubber / winter/ or leather)
  • Warm socks (good to double up with thin socks to avoid blisters)
  • Gloves: Pair of leather camp / work gloves; at least 2 pair of hunting camo gloves (they can get wet and take a while to dry out); and
  • Rain Gear
  • Camo Clothing (depending on your area, you may also need to wear blaze orange gear…check your local laws)
  • Day Pack or back pack
  • Hand and Toe warmers

Hunting Equipment

  • Gun / Bow
  • Ammo (It’s kind of hard to hunt without it!)
  • Gun Sling, bi-pods or shooting sticks (for stability)
  • Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Trail Camera

Stand / Blind

  • Tree Stand or Ground Blind
  • Tree pegs (if your tree isn’t already pegged)
  • Climbing sticks
  • Safety Straps and harness
  • Tow line (to get your equipment into the tree)


  • Skinning knife
  • Trail Mark Tape (in case you need to track your animal)
  • Drag strap  / winch
  • String / Zip Tie to tag carcass
  • Cheese cloth bags
  • garbage bags
  • Utility Saw for Bone
  • Back Pack with a frame to carry out the meat


  • Matches
  • Heat / emergency blanket
  • Whistle
  • Sun Screen
  • High Energy Bars (great for protein and easy to carry around)
  • First Aid Kit

This list is by no means exhaustive; your personal list will vary. But it will definitely give you a good handle on things to bring for your trip. If you have something that you would like to add to this list, feel free to contact us and we will add it to this page. It is a great idea to go with someone who has hunted previously as they will no doubt have insight to the area you are hunting, as well as the gear required for the region. Go out, enjoy your beautiful surroundings, and have fun!